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Alternative alcohol rehab.  8 Times more effective.  Optional guarantee.  Atlanta.
Eight times more effective - a quarter of the time

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At Accelerated Recovery, we have a singular goal and focus: to set the new standard for treatment of alcohol dependence. In order to accomplish this goal, we set very specific objectives to ensure the success of our treatment programs and to eliminate the barriers to entering treatment:

  1. Produce results. Alcohol addiction is a treatable condition.  Our addiction treatment programs have a success rate up to eight times higher than traditional institutional rehab programs.

  2. Commitment to your success.  If for whatever reason it is determined that an individual is not a candidate for our program, Accelerated Recovery has established a referral network and will gladly refer an individual to a treatment program that might better suit their individual needs.

  3. Provide an effective alternative to 12 Step institutional rehab programs.  Too many people postpone their treatment until they have hit bottom; when there is no option left but to pursue treatment.  Since alcohol addiction is a progressinve condition, we believe that people need a viable option for when they are ready.  At Accelerated, we created the most sought after alternative to traditional alcohol treatment programs.  When you are ready, we've created the environment for your success.

  4. Eliminate the need for an individual to spend months away from family and career. Our alcohol treatment programs typically only require twelve days of time away from family and career, usually in the comfort of a hotel suite.

  5. Eliminate the stigma.  When you walk through the doors of Accelerated, you will leave all societal stigmas behind.  You will be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve.  Far from an institutional environment, our facilities are warm, comfortable and upscale.
  6. Recovery should be a challenging and positive experience.  Negative reinforcement has no place in the changing of behaviors.  Working with out expert team, recovery is an experience that you will look forward to, and one that you will never forget. 
  7. Significantly reduce the costs associated with recovery from alcohol addiction. Our alcohol treatment programs are consistently half the cost of national inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs.
  8. Treating alcohol addiction does not have to be a life sentence.  At Accelerated, we don't believe in perpetual addiction recovery.  We believe that treatment has a beginning and that treatment has an end.  At the end of your alcohol addiction treatment program at Accelerated, you will be recovered.  You will no longer be dependent on alcohol.  You will have your life back.  You will have the tools and skills necessary to lead a normal, happy, productive and optimized life.  A life without alcohol.

The focus of our program and the focus of our staff is on your individual success. Unlike national rehab treatment programs, we accept only a few new members per week.  Our client selection process ensures that you will be participating in an environment with like minded people, working together to achieve a common goal of long term abstinence from alcohol.  While many drug and alcohol rehab programs combine all addictions (alcohol, drugs, sexual, gambling) and other maladaptive behaviors (eating disorders, abuse, trauma) together for treatment, Accelerated believes that the key to your success is focus.  As such, we only accept clients whose primary addiction is alcohol.   By sharing your recovery experience with others that are ready to end their dependence on alcohol and end it now, you will be participating in an environment optimized for your success.  We are an abstinence based treatment program and do not support the goals of moderation or harm reduction.  We'll teach you the skills necessary to happily eliminate alcohol from your lifestyle. 

At Accelerated, our intent from the outset was to do one thing and to do it better than anyone else. That focus on eliminating dependence on alcohol comes through for our members because we provide an environment that is safe, appealing, confidential, comfortable, productive, enjoyable and most importantly……successful.


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