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Alcoholic Recovery Programs - Alcohol Rehab Treament and Recovery
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Alcohol Rehab Treatment and Recovery Programs

Individualized Alcohol Treatment Programs

At Accelerated Recovery, we design all of our alcohol rehab treatment plans around you, the individual.  From the beginning of your relationship with Accelerated, you will be assigned a multi-disciplinary team that will work with you through each stage of the alcohol rehab program.  And unlike 12 Step treatment programs, at Accelerated we do not believe that alcohol rehabilitation is a perpetual, never-ending process.  We believe in providing exceptional capabilities and support and continuity of care for up to a year.  And then we expect to give you the tools to get your life back.  We expect that with our help, you can put alcohol dependence behind you.  We expect you to be recovered.  We expect you to live a normal, focused, happy, optimized life.

Phases of Alcohol Rehabilitation and What to Expect


Orientation is held each Monday at Accelerated Recovery Center facilities and lasts for approximately three hours.  Your spouse or significant other is welcome to attend at your discretion.  During orientation, our Program Manager will meet with you to make sure all necessary paperwork is in order.  You will meet with our Director of Nursing for a thorough health history and then with our Medical Director for a physical examination.  We will be drawing blood in order to create an individualized treatment plan.  Next you will be introduced to your alcohol rehab treatment team which will be comprised of representatives from three focused specialty areas; Medical Management, providing continuity of care for physical health during the duration of the alcohol recovery treatment.  Therapeutic Management, providing individualized treatment planning for therapeutic and psychological support.  And Wellness Management, providing for coordinated focus on nutrition, nutrient supplementation, fitness programs and replacement therapies.  The intent of this session is to set your expectations for the Withdrawal Management phase of treatment and to answer any and all questions you might have.  Our goal is to create an environment of trust and openness and to eliminate preconceived notions about alcohol recovery programs.

Withdrawal Management

The goal of Withdrawal Management is to safely and comfortably eliminate alcohol from your system. The Process of Withdrawal Management begins every Thursday afternoon at Accelerated Recovery Center rehab facilities and lasts for four to five days.  Actual start time is determined by our Medical Director based on your individual needs.  You will receive an orientation from our Director of Nursing and will be able to review any outstanding questions at that time.  You will then be transported to a private suite for the duration of your stay.  You can expect to be safe, comfortable and pain free throughout the process.  A nurse will be on-site 24 hours per day to attend to your needs and to answer any questions you might have.  Optional activities are scheduled throughout the weekend.  Carefully balanced meals will be provided for your convenience.  For many clients, just the opportunity to relax and be free from responsibility for 5 straight days is a luxury that they haven’t experienced in many years.  Withdrawal Management is not an unpleasant experience and it is not conducted in a lockdown, hospital ward environment.  If it is determined by our Medical Director that you are not a candidate that can safely and effectively participate in our Withdrawal Management program, Accelerated Recovery has referral relationships with other local and national providers of alcohol detoxification and rehab services. 

During Withdrawal Management you will be given medication that will eliminate your cravings for alcohol.  Imagine alcohol recovery without urges and cravings   Imagine your mind free to focus on the issues before you.  For most clients, this is the first time in many years that they have not had to battle those primal urges for alcohol.  Urges that, in the past, made recovery so difficult for so many.  Urge suppression is a key component in the high success rates attributed to the COMBINED Recovery Protocol ™.

Sobriety Acclimation

You’ve eliminated alcohol from your system.  You no longer crave alcohol.  You are well on your way to recovery and overcoming your physical dependence on alcohol.  The Sobriety Acclimation phase begins every Monday afternoon at Accelerated Recovery facilities and lasts for twenty-one days.  You will once again meet with your treatment team to discuss your individualized treatment plan.  Medical follow-up will be discussed.  Therapeutic schedules will be reviewed.  Your fitness assessment scheduled.  A general nutritional plan presented including a nutritional supplementation program designed just for you.

And now it is time to begin the work.  Challenging.  Stimulating.  Provocative.  Those are words used to describe the experience.  The goal of Sobriety Acclimation is to teach you the coping and cognitive skills to live your life without alcohol.  At the same time, you will naturally re-evaluate all of your relationships through your newly earned lens of sobriety; your relationship with your spouse, your family, your friends, your career, your God.  Left to your own devices, this could be a very intimidating experience.  But with expert guidance, intimidation gives way to enlightenment, realization, progress, closure.

At the end of the Sobriety Acclimation phase of rehab, you will feel better that you have in years.  Your mental and physical health will be improving dramatically.  And it is at this point that most programs complete their work.

At Accelerated Recovery, we believe that the next phase of your alcoholism rehabilitation determines your long term success.  The next phase represents the difference between perpetual recovery and your goal of being recovered.

Life Optimization

Once you have completed the Sobriety Acclimation phaseof rehab, it's on to Life Optimization.  Working with your team, the Life Optimization phase focuses on resolving issues which have caused sticking points in your life.  You will be introduced to specialists and subject matter experts in areas that are determined to be important for your success.  And the focus will be forward looking and positive, not one that continues to focus on the problem you are working hard to overcome.

While the alcohol rehab treatment program tapers in intensity over time, it still provides a support line for up to a full year.  Most traditional institutional programs fail predictably during the first year, and we know why.  At Accelerated, we are determined to provide continuity of care through predictable milestones allowing your brain chemistry to normalize.

The "D"

At your 1 year anniversary, you are done.  You are recovered.  You have taken the steps necessary to take your life back.  You are no longer identified by your addiction.  You are a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a worker, a friend,  You have succeeded. You are not your addiction.  You really never were.

And to remind you of the hard work you have put in and all that you have accomplished, Accelerated will be honored to present you with a gold "D".  A memento that you have made it through alcohol rehab.  A symbol that you have conquered addiction. 

You will always be welcomed back to Accelerated, but now as a friend.  Perhaps a barbeque with the family or a baseball game.  Perhaps an alumni adventure with Outward Bound.  But always with your "D".  It's all about the "D".


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