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Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program

Recover For Life™ Individual Support.

At Accelerated, it’s all about you. It’s all about success. It’s all about stopping alcohol abuse, and stopping now. Our outpatient programs are forward focused. While we use modern therapeutic tools to work with you on root cause analyses, we find it more productive to focus on why you can’t stop drinking as opposed to why you became dependent on alcohol in the first place. The intellectual battles rage in the alcohol treatment centers industry as to whether alcohol dependence is a disease or whether it is a choice. Whether it is genetic or whether it is a character flaw; a moral defect. At Accelerated we have two very simple beliefs with regard to alcohol dependence: First, alcohol addiction is a fully treatable condition and second, if you are fully committed to overcoming alcohol addiction and come to Accelerated for outpatient alcohol treatment, you will be successful.                               

If you would like to learn more about how to succeed, call 888-786-7374 to speak directly to someone that has been through our outpatient alcohol abuse treatment program.

Small Business Support:

If you run or work for a small business, it has been nearly impossible for you to commit to overcoming alcohol dependence in the past. 28 days away. $28,000 in non-insured expenses. The opportunity cost of time away from the business, salary, benefits and vacation lost to the endeavor. And the prospect of a success rate less than 10%. Having been through that decision process ourselves, we know why it is so difficult to make the commitment to address the problem.

At Accelerated Recovery, our outpatient treatment programs are ideally suited for individuals from small business. With only a long weekend away, our programs are tailored around your schedule with many meetings occurring outside of business hours and family dinner time. Overcoming dependence on alcohol does not have to mean putting your career and family enjoyment on hold.

Support for the Fortune 500

In the corporate world, it’s all about sources and uses of cash, return on investment, and results. When faced with the prospect of providing exceptional benefits to your employees, all of these factors should and need to be taken into account. With historical alcohol treatment center alternatives, the return on invested capital scenario with regard to employee treatment of alcohol dependence has been grim at best. And with success rates in the single digits, the investment analysis has never taken very long. But with one out of three beds occupied due to alcohol related reasons and with a $6.8 Billion annual productivity hit to business each and every year, it’s time to take a fresh look at the analysis. You see the soaring costs of healthcare rise with regard to alcohol dependence in the form of treatments for ailments that are caused or exacerbated by alcohol abuse. But only now is there a successful and affordable option available to your company. Don’t you owe it to your employees and to your bottom line to contact Accelerated Recovery today to see how our outpatient alcohol abuse treatment programs can help?

What To Expect

Regardless of which program you select, we treat the body and the mind on a continual basis. While many historical programs focus on one aspect of recovery, Accelerated focuses on the physiological, psychological, sociological and environmental aspects of dependence. We use a tightly linked alternative approach between pharmacology and therapy to deliver results not yet seen in the industry with traditional outpatient alcohol treatment programs.

Prospective Member Interview and Initiation to the Process.

The location of your first meeting with Accelerated will be determined by you.  You'll choose the place where you feel most comfortable, most confident.  You'll meet with our membership director and the meeting will end when all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.  Should you decide that you are ready to stop now, and that Accelerated Recovery is the best alternative for you, a private tour of our facilities will be arranged for you and whoever else you would like to invite.  At Accelerated, we have a deep commitment and focus on privacy and confidentiality and as such, we require from members, family, friends and staff alike that an agreement be reached not to disclose the location of our alcohol treatment centers.  In that way we go one step further than the rules and regulations require ensuring that this experience is a personal and private one.

Initial meeting

Your initial meeting at Accelerated will not be intimidating.  It will not be frightening.  It will not be overwhelming.  On a Thursday evening, you will meet with a team of professionals that understand alcohol dependence.  The team does not believe in societal stigmas.  The team does not in any way pass judgment.  You will meet with a physician that is certified by the American Association of Addiction Medicine, the Membership Director and the Coach assigned to team with you throughout this experience.  You will be examined by the physician, blood will be drawn for evaluation and you will take part in the planning process for the rest of your experience. You will become part of a team singularly focused on your success in overcoming alcohol abuse through our alternative treatment program.

A Week Later

This phase of the process is focused on the elimination of alcohol from your system. At Accelerated, this is a medically supervised activity that is available to those clients that require it. Because this phase of Accelerated’s program is medically managed, you can expect it to be comfortable, without pain and without concern. You can read a book, watch a movie, or participate in activities at Accelerated’s facilities as you desire. The intent is to provide you with a comfortable experience and a positive starting point for you recovery. As we have been through it, we can assure you that unlike historical detox programs, it is a pleasant experience, not one to be feared and dreaded.

There are three options available to members and the option followed will be determined in consultation between the medical staff and the member to optimize safety, comfort and well being. The first two options consist of four to five days in a hotel near our facility where you will live a normal existence and will have access to our facilities during the day. Our medical staff will visit with you four times a day to monitor your progress. With the help and consent of your doctor, you will determine whether you first are able to and want to go through this phase alone or with your spouse, partner or friend, or whether you would like Accelerated to provide a full time nurse during this phase. Even during this stage, we believe that the focus on and respect for the individual is of paramount importance. The third option is reserved for those determined by the medical staff to have extreme health risks. For those members, less than 5%, arrangements will be made for private hospitalization for the same 4-5 days.

How are we different?  We do not believe in mass hospitalizations for detoxification. We do not believe that the co-mingling of those dependent on alcohol with all other types of maladaptive behaviors is appropriate at this or any other phase of treatment. You are dependent on alcohol. Nothing more. We believe that you should be treated with the utmost respect and with the focus necessary to ensure that your goals are met.

The First 30 Days:

A time for commitment. Your body is now free from alcohol. For the first time in a long time, your physical cravings for alcohol have been controlled, eliminated. Your mind is now clear to deal with the issues of the mind. And that means not only focusing on the issues that have brought you to this place, but equally as important how you are going to live you life to your fullest potential from this moment forward. Working with your member advisor for outpatient alcohol treatment, you will schedule a convenient time to meet with your individual counselor, once per day, four days per week for the first three weeks. Life without alcohol provides an opportunity to look at each of your relationships; with family, friends, you career, etc) through the prism of sobriety. Our team members work hard to ensure that this is used as an opportunity for positive change, not as an intimidating experience.
Unlike typical therapy sessions, we do not schedule back to back sessions which offer 50 minutes of therapy and 10 minutes of "notes". We schedule time so that breakthroughs can be made. So that progress can be made. At Accelerated, our fees are charged by the program, not by the hour.

In addition to individual support, it’s time to recognize that you are not alone in your commitment and conviction to stop alcohol abuse. Our group environments for alternative outpatient treatment are engaging, refreshing, productive and enjoyable. Your reluctance to participate will melt quickly into a sigh of relief as you realize that you are not alone. Group environments are focused not on the past, but on the opportunities of your newfound life without alcohol. And there are always guests available who have been through the entire process that can answer questions regarding where you are in the day to day process of full recovery.

Also during the first 30 days, you will be consulted as to overall wellness. Fitness, diet and HealthNet (finding the optimal healthcare support team going forward) are all critically important. And overcoming the societal stigmas of living a healthier lifestyle in a society where alcohol is everywhere? We’ll coach you through that too.

The Next 60 Days:

You’ve made it through critical milestones that you probably never reached if you tried to address this issue on your own. And while your personal intensity to achieve has not waned, it is time to further reengage in your life. You will meet twice per week with your individual coach and you will explore the possibilities of "replacement Therapies". Replacement therapies are creating positive focus with the time you used to spend in your relationship with alcohol. In addition to your focus here, we continue to ensure that we address any underlying health issues, fitness and nutrition and relapse prevention.


Call Accelerated Recovery now at 888-786-7374.


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